The student service is the administrative bridge between the students and the University.

It performs the following jobs: prepares the student applications and makes the protocol for the exams; records and archives the protocols and applications from the exams; leads the master books and student files at the studies of the first cycle; gives the confirmation and assurance to the students; verifies the semesters, performs the jobs of enrollment to the faculty/academy, the enrollment in the next year of studies and the regulation of the student status; collects the signatures of the professors on the acceptance of the exams and makes settlements for the students who transfer to the studies of SPU according to the delivered documentation from the board for the exam acceptance; posts the exam results and other notes of the Student service on the notice board; makes the statistical reports for the needs of the University and the authorities; accepts appeals and requests of the students to the authorities of the University and Faculties/Academies; prepares the  decisions of the dean, rector, senate and directory, brought on the request or appeal of a student; informs the students about the decisions according to their appeals which are made by the University authorities; organizes the exam schedule at the University, carries on the correspondence and sends the notes to the other departments of the University, takes care of the document issuing from the student files; protocols the applications of the topics of the completed works at the studies of first, second and third level and forwards them to the Board members and the mentor; writes articles to the Senate about the arrived applications and the need for the formation of the board for the grade and adequacy of the topic, candidate and completed works according to the deal with the dean of the faculty/academy, prepares the decisions on the board formation, follows the making of the board reports, participates in the making of the code for the regulation of the studies of I, II and III level; takes care for the regulations on the procedure of the choice of the academic title; accepts and protocols the arrived applications on the concourses for professors and associates; prepares the documentation for the choice of the dean and the board titles; prepares decisions on the formation of the board of professors; informs the boards about the formation and delivers the necessary documentation; gives the Senate the arrived reports; fulfills the other jobs from the duties of the student service.

The student service works in the campuses of Slobomir and Doboj every day from 8am to 4pm, and with the students from 9am to 1pm.


Ime i prezime Kancelarija Kampus Telefon E-mail
Branka Biljić 200 Slobomir 055 231 153
Zora Cvjetković 202 Slobomir 055 231 105
Ivana Trifunović 202 Slobomir 055 231 152
Aleksandra Babić 202 Slobomir 055 231 152
Slavojka Erceg Doboj 053 209 619
Radmila Đuranović Doboj 053 209 620
Ljiljana Vukomanović Doboj 053 209 635



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