Secretary of the University

Secretary of the University

The secretary of the Slobomir P University takes care of the legal businesses of the University, performs the legal affairs which are related to the work and development of the University, international and university cooperation. Beside that, the secretary participates in the work of the organ of the University, expert services, boards and other organizational units, in order to give the competent opinion from the field of law and performs other jobs determined by the act of systematization, attends the meetings of the Board of directors, leads the major protocol of the University, prepares and edits the documentation of the University which is related to its work and cooperation with the education authorities and institutions and with state authorities, leads the files of the employed as well as the files of the professors and associates, has the evidence of the working hours, absence, sick leave and vacations of the employed, keeps the stamp of the University and is responsible for its use. The University secretary is in charge of cooperation with the republic and municipal education inspection for the academic education, as well as with the municipal authorities for education, work and business relations, PII (Pension Invalidity Insurance), health care, etc.

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Branka Biljić



055 231 153




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