MBA programme

MBA programme

Accounting Emphasis

The MBA with an emphasis in accounting will prepare you for the professional challenges of becoming a C.P.A., while providing you with greater versatility and opening the doors to a myriad of opportunities both within the accounting profession and in he field of business. The emphasis comprises review courses using Becker materials and are designed to help you master the concepts, theories and technical materials routinely tested on the C.P.A. exam and are recognized as accounting credits by the Washington State Board of Accountancy. CPA review courses are intended to review accounting concepts and theory and examine the application of these concepts to various business situations. Consequently, students entering this emphasis area must have completed a major/concentration* in accounting at City University or another university. Students must consult with the State Board of Accountancy for their state’s specific requirements for sitting for the exam.

* An accounting major or concentration consists of a minimum of courses in the following areas: intermediate accounting series, cost/managerial accounting, individual and corporate tax, audit, and business law. Courses in accounting theory, advanced accounting, and accounting case studies are also very helpful in understanding material presented on the CPA exam. These courses should be master’s level or 300 or 400 level if they are undergraduate courses. They should have a letter designation of “AC”, or “ACC” specifying they are courses intended for accounting majors.

AC 530 CPA Review – Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

Choose three courses from the list below:

AC 531 CPA Review – Regulation (REG)

AC 532 CPA Review – Auditing & Attestation (AUD)

AC 533 CPA Review – Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)

AC 625 Accounting Internship

Entrepreneurship Emphasis

CityU can help you prepare for the dynamic world of entrepreneurship or to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace of employers looking for practical innovators. This emphasis area will enable you to gain knowledge on various aspects of starting a business including funding, vetting the concept, business plan development and presentation, startup marketing, everyday financial issues, risk management, registration of new business, and exit strategies.

ENT 610 Innovation Strategy

ENT 620 Economics of Entrepreneurship

ENT 630 Start-up Plan Development

ENT 640 New Venture Implementation

Finance Emphasis

If you’re seeking a career or greater opportunities with a large financial organization such as an insurance company, bank or brokerage house or work in an area managed by a corporate treasurer, the MBA with an emphasis in finance will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your goals. This emphasis is specifically designed to help you understand the ins and outs of capital formation and corporate management; how the markets in securities and capital investments work; the role of banking in business development; and the importance of financial management in public and not-for-profit organizations.

FIN 543 Equity Markets and Debt Instrument Management

Choose three courses from the list below:

FIN 541 Capital Formation and Corporate Management

FIN 542 Banking and the Movement of Capital

FIN 544 Financial Management of Public and Not-for-Profit Organizations

FIN 625 Finance Internship

Global Management Emphasis

The MBA with an emphasis in global management is designed to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the various types of management and leadership so that you can become a more well-rounded manager, one who is better equipped to excel and meet the many different kinds of challenges encountered in today’s ever changing global marketplace.

MC 585 International Human Resource Management

Choose three courses from the list below:

MC 573 International Business

MBA 546 European Union

MAL 560 Global Leadership (or)

MAL 545 Ethical Leadership

MC 625 Global Management Internship

Global Marketing Emphasis

If you’re seeking employment or greater opportunities at an advertising agency, marketing research organization, or in the marketing department of a manufacturing or service company, the MBA with an emphasis in marketing can help you achieve your goals. Topics you will explore include: strategic brand creation and management; consumer behavior; channel management; and public relations and media management.

MK 526 Strategic Brand Creation and Management

Choose three courses from the list below:

MK 527 Consumer Behavior

MK 528 Channel Management

MK 529 Public Relations and Media Management

MK 625 Marketing Internship

Human Resource Management Emphasis

The MBA with an emphasis in HR management will provide you with a broad and comprehensive knowledge base of the HR subject areas. This program will also help prepare you to be better equipped for the PHR/SPHR/GPHR certification exams offered by the HR Certification Institute.

MC 584 Human Resource Management

Choose three courses from the list below:

HR 508 Employee Staffing, Training, and Development

HR 510 Employment and Labor Law

HR 512 Compensation and Benefits

HR 625 Human Resource Management Internship

Project Management Emphasis

Project management is a rapidly growing career field that is recognized and relevant in a broad range of disciplines and industries around the world, including government, military, manufacturing, transportation, health care, information technology and education. City University of Seattle is recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Registered Education Provider(REP). As such, you will gain credits toward PMI certification while attending class. In addition, you will be involved in a globally recognized professional development organization that aids in the networking that is critical to support your career development. With the MBA with an emphasis in project management, you will be qualified for project and program management roles in a wide variety of organizations.

(Note: Prerequisites for the following emphasis courses will be waived for MBA students.)

PM 504 Project Planning and Control

Choose three courses from the list below:

PM 507 Project Financial Management

PM 511 Measuring Project Performance for Success

PM 514 Project Integration

PM 625 Project Management Intership

Sustainable Business Emphasis

The concept of sustainability needs to be an important consideration for business today and into the future. It will become a larger part of all our lives as we explore ways to maintain economic growth while maintaining a healthy planet. City University of Seattle’s MBA with an emphasis in sustainable business provides skills that all business managers and leaders will need going forward as companies in the global marketplace increase their efforts to implement sustainable practices and achieve greater social justice. If you wish to play an active, more meaningful leadership role in tomorrow’s business world, this emphasis is for you.

MBA 585 Sustainability and the Business Opportunity

Choose three courses from the list below:

MK 575 Marketing in the New Economy

MBA 575 Environmental and Corporate Responsibility

MBA 580 Environmental Accounting

MBA 625 Sustainable Business Internship


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