About Academy of Arts

About Academy of Arts

The Academy of Arts was established in the school year 2005/2006, on the basis of the primarily formed Faculty for design and graphics, and it has four departments – the Department for the General Music Pedagogy, the Department for Design and Graphics, the Department for Drama and Film Art and the Department for Audio-Visual Art on Film and Television.

We are proud to mention that, well-established professors, whose artistic and scientific achievements are exquisite, teach at the Academy of Arts.

Taking into consideration the contemporary befalling in the world academic education, the curriculums are absolutely adapted to these students to become the world-class experts and professionals, who can fulfill all the requirements imposed by the present market.

The prestigious awards and international acknowledgements of our students prove that knowledge and its quality are at the Slobomir P University.

The final meaning of the expected spectrum expansion of the art profiles at our  University, is that this area, and even wider surrounding, is integrated in the current art deliberation of a timeframe in front of which is every point in European and world civilization.

All the necessary information about the programs and possibilities offered by the Academy of Arts can be found on our website, and for the further information you can contact us personally. We will be glad to help you.

Academy of Arts consists of :

  1. Departman for graphic and design
  2. Music Departman
  3. Departman for audio-visual
  4. Departman for Drama

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