Why study abroad?

Why study abroad?

Slobomir P University invites you to join us and to participate in interesting academic and cultural experience, which you will remember from now on. Going abroad gives you the opportunity of professional accomplishment and acquirement of new knowledge. The study program abroad gives you the possibility for improvement of existing skills and knowledge in your study field. Except from that, the experienced gained abroad (you learn a foreign language, meet other culture…) will be important for the employment in your country, because the employer will not be impressed only with your qualifications and grades. Your time spent in Europe, in the Balkans will widen your horizon, you will become more self-contained, more confident, more independent, and like that you will be far ahead the competition.

Except the interesting programs and courses, which you will attend during the semester, you can expect new friendships, a lot of fun and many new experiences. If you spend two months at our University you will:

-          earn credits which will switch to your host university

-          learn a lot about the interesting historical things of the European nations

-          visit big European cities

-          enjoy the nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-          have the low living costs

Your program will be organized in a way that you will spend one month in Greece (Athens), and the other two months in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All the credits you earn during your stay in Athens or in Slobomir will be acknowledged at your university.



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